Masjid Alhakeem

139 King St. East, Bowmanville, ON


Fitra / Fidya

Juma Timings At 2 Locations
These Are The Timings of The Arabic Khutba

1:45 PM
Masjid Alhakeem
139 King Street East Bowmanville

2:15 PM
Maple Grove United

2197 Maple Grove Bowmanville

Salaat Times

18 Rb1 1445 / 03 Oct 2023
 Salah  Begins   Adhan  Jamat 
 Fajr 5:38AM 6:35AM 6:45AM
 Sunrise 7:14AM
 Zawal 12:54PM - 1:04PM
 Dhur 1:04PM 1:30PM 1:35PM
 Asr 4:17PM 5:20PM 5:30PM
 Maghrib  6:52PM 6:54PM 6:56PM
 Isha 8:11PM 8:35PM 8:45PM
 Jumah 1:03PM 1:30PM 1:45PM

Ladies Classes

Classes will be held from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on Sundays. The Topics being covered include Qur'an Translation, Fiqh of everyday life, Rewards for everyday Deeds and Hadith Memorization

Funeral Services - Coming Soon

We are currently making the arrangements to be able to offer this service at Masjid Alwadood in Orono. GIving you the peace of mind at a difficult time.

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